An Honest Conservative

It is refreshing to see such honesty from a conservative. While conservatives often mislead people about their position by claiming to be supporters of freedom and limited government, Think Progress quotes Michelle Malkin as providing an honest view of where she stands. “So you’re behind this Passengers’ Bill of Rights move. I have to tell you, in general, I’m skeptical of anything that has Bill of Rights tacked on to it.”

I’m sure that she is speaking for her fellow conservatives, and this extends to the original Bill of Rights. Think Progress proves the value of pictures as they show that this represents her previoiusy expressed viewpoints.

If anyone doubts that this represents the conservative view on the Bill of Rights (beyond the right to bear arms), just check out the comments on the ACLU at virtually any conservative publication or blog.

Update: Obviously posts on this statement are basically snark having fun with Malkin’s statement (especially as there is a grain of truth when compared with her authoritarian political positions). While we’ve had some fun with this, a lone comment like this out of context isn’t intended to be a serious comment on her views. Many conservative blogs are protesting how her words are being misused here. I find this ironic considering that they are generally the same ones which habitually misquote Democrats and try to use these misquotations in serious attacks. For example, these are the same people who took Kerry’s joke about Bush getting us stuck in Iraq out of context to falsely claim he was attacking the troops.


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    TLB says:

    That makes perfect sense: I find there to be no difference between The Bill of Rights and random stuff that has the phrase “Bill of Rights” tacked on to it. Just like you, I’m unable to understand the nuances of English, and I try to reinterpret something in the most negative sense whatsoever no matter whether I realize what I’m doing is wrong. Or something like that.

    Plus, the fact that the ACLU is indirectly linked to the MexicanGovernment and goes out of its way to support IllegalImmigration doesn’t bother me at all. I fully believe that any group with the word “Civil Liberties” in its name must have as its solemn goal simply supporting Civil Liberties. Further, I also believe that the ACLU has no other agenda or anything and they are as pure as snow.

    P.S. Feel free to have this site’s owner modify this comment at will without notifying anyone of such changes.

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    TLB says:

    Regarding the P.S. above, my bad: this isn’t the Liberal Avenger, but some other site I’m only going to bother visiting once.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    If it was only a case of random stuff with Bill of Rights tacked on it would be one thing. The reason we are making a point of this is Malkin’s other writings which shows a generalized disregard for the Bill of Rights.

    I take it you have some history with the Liberal Avenger.

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