What’s Wrong With Money From Strippers?

Here’s an example of how absurd Judeo-Christian hangups can be counterproductive. Pictured above is Trina Ricketts who raised money for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Her money was turned down because the money came from strippers:

Almost anyone can donate to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada-unless they take their clothes off for a living.

Local strippers who hold an annual event to raise money for cancer research were shocked this year to discover their offer to donate part of the proceeds to the society was turned down. Last year, the same group of dancers donated $3,000 to the society without incident.

Former stripper Trina Ricketts, an organizer with the Exotic Dancers for Cancer fundraising event, said they planned again this year to donate half of the money raised to the Breast Cancer Society, but when she contacted the society recently, she was rejected.

In a letter to Ricketts, the society’s executive director Rany Xanthopoulo, wrote: “Unfortunately we will have to decline your kind offer as we have certain major donors that are not in favour of this connection. This decision came as a result of donor disgruntlement and together with the board of directors we have decided not to accept any donations from what donors consider controversial sources.”

Its a strange value system where the opinions of some on strippers is more important than fighting breast cancer.


  1. 1
    Tyler says:

    Money is money isnt it? It is nice that they were able to find another organization to accept their donation!

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Yes, money is money. Their money is exactly the same as any other money.

    And people who raise money to fight breast cancer are people who raise money to fight breast cancer. This is a commendable action and they don’t deserve to be insulted in this manner. Hopefully they will continue to raise money for breast cancer research. I’m sure that other organizations will continue to accept their money.

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