Debbie Schlussel Hates Sean “Vanity” As Much As She Hates Atheists and Muslims

I’ve been critical of Debbie Schlussel for her slurs on Barack Obama’s name and for her atheist-bashing on CNN earlier in the week. We’ve had different views on 24. I even agreed with her once before with her dismissal of Mel Gibson’s apology. Now she has taken on a much better target, Sean Hannity, apparently renamed Vanity. Schlussel is accusing Hannity, oops, Vanity of plagiarizing her work. If Schlussel is going to wage a jihad against Vanity and bring other conservative bloggers into it I wish her luck.


  1. 1
    Sean Vanity says:

    I want to Thank YOU! for crediting Sean Hannit… eer.. Sean Vanity!
    Thank YOU Kindly!
    Sean Vanity
    President CEO
    http://www.HugePhony.Com (Voted #1 in UK!)

    Love Sean

  2. 2
    Steve Sweltzer says:

    Thank You Kindly for the basket Sean!
    Say Hello to Deidre for me!

  3. 3
    Joe Wilson says:

    I am NOT Sorry about my heckling!
    I dont want Nothing to Change!
    I am for the White Man and the Rich man.
    This is America, Land of the Free!
    I want nothing to Change!
    Joe Wilson
    President CEO
    http://www.HugeLiar.Com (#1 in Ireland
    Courtesy of Alexsis Metrics

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