Republicans: The Impractical, Ideological Party

A New York Times columnist has labeled the Republicans the “impractical, ideological party.” No, its not one of those liberal writers. It’s David Brooks! Brooks writes that he taught a course in political philosophy at Duke “as part of my lifelong quest to teach at every college I never could have gotten into out of high school.” He had the students write a paper on their political philosophy and found a strong centrist trend. He concluded that this is not good for the Republicans:

If my Duke students are representative, then the U.S. is about to see a generation that is practical, anti-ideological, modest and centrist (maybe to a fault).

That’s probably good news for presidential candidates like Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, whose main selling point is their nuts-and-bolts ability to get things done.

But over all it’s bad news for Republicans. While the G.O.P. was once thought of as the practical, businesslike party, now most of my students see the Republicans as the impractical, ideological party — on social and science issues as well as foreign and domestic policy.

That’s not the way to win the children of polarization.

Update: This column is discussed further in the subsequent post.

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    Mark Robert Gates says:

    These right-wing conspiracy, pseudo-Christian, pseudo-ideological and anti-American, free press, free speech and free religious choice, Republicans, have succeeded in keeping most real government work from being done in Washington, by creating and keeping us and our elected officials, focused on this left-right, up-down, in-out, black-white and on off, binary argument. As if there is nothing in between, of which, actually exists, and is worth our government’s efforts, in governing, such as poor education, lack of oversight of our’ public safety and welfare, falling household incomes and people slipping helplessly below poverty levels.

    These pseudo-Christians, have suceeded in creating and fostering this word-hatred-association concept, like taking intellectuals, and making people believe it’s wrong to use their intellect, and going so far as to get these people to claim they do not. Same thing is happening here with ideology now, pseudo-Christians have turned ideologues, into a bad word, and now have people claiming, ideology, is bad, and then going so far as to claim they do not have an ideology, which is not possible, as we all have an ideology of some sort.

    This success in keeping people off of real issues, is succeeding, in keeping America going on with two sets of buccaneers, fighting over a left nation, or a right nation, and ignoring all territory anywhere centrist, moderate, or middle of the road, as being valid, or in some cases, as even existing at all. We need to stop fighting each other, and take our reign’s back, and be the government of the people, by the people, and for the people again.

    Copyright 2007 Mark Robert Gates

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