One Less Moonbat in Existence

Hat tip to Swift for picking up this portion of an interview with Deepak Chopra in which we hear him tell the interviewer that he doesn’t exist!

Q: What happens when you die, Deepak?

Chopra: What happens when you die, is you return to where you always are. If you realize right now that there’s no such thing as a person, you’ll be all set.

Q: What do you mean, I’ll be all set?

Chopra: Then if you shift your identity to that consciousness that is differentiating as observer and observant, you’ll know there’s nothing to fear.

Q: You have no fear of death.

Chopra: No Sir! Why? Because I don’t exist in the first place!

Q: Can you get reincarnated as a soul?

Chopra: [Sighs] Wisps of memory and threads of desire, which are specks of information, latch onto specks of consciousness and show up as recycled human beings. But in the bigger picture, the observer, the observed, the process of observation, is a single reality.

Q: So… Deepak Chopra, as I know him [questioner taps the sitting Chopra solidly on the knee for effect] my friend Chopra… doesn’t exist?

Chopra: A transient behavior of… the total universe.

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