Brazile Predicts Gore Might Enter Race

I heard Donna Brazile on NPR recently saying that she did not believe that Gore was running. (As she was saying the same as Gore, I didn’t consider that newsworthy so I didn’t keep an exact quote or link.) I now find it interesting that she is now raising the possibility that Gore might run:

His former campaign manager, Donna Brazile, strongly implied that possibility while speaking at Moravian College in Bethlehem Tuesday night.

”Wait till Oscar night,” Brazile told an audience of about 100 people at Haupert Student Union. ”I tell people: ‘I’m dating. I haven’t fallen in love yet.’ On Oscar night, if Al Gore has slimmed down 25 or 30 pounds, Lord knows.”

Brazile was also asked about this after the speech:

”I believe [Gore] is ready for this moment,” Brazile said in an interview after her speech. ”He is a good leader. I think he can be one of the few leaders who can bring this country together.”

She acknowledged it will be a tough decision for Gore, noting Kerry’s announcement last week to bow out of the race. Gore believes he is now doing his life’s work, Brazile said. However, she conceded that Gore might be able to do more about global climate change from inside the Oval Office. He has already made an impact by forcing President Bush to talk about the issue, she said.

If an Oscar win would give Gore momentum towards a run, the Nobel Peace Prize might do even more. Gore has the name recognition and support to wait until October to get into the race if he desires. If Gore runs for President, will conservatives attempt to repeat yesterday’s farce and get Rush Limbaugh to also enter the race?

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  1. 1
    janet says:

    I do believe he would be my candidate, if this happens. Tingles and excitement!

  2. 2
    Mark Robert Gates says:

    Al Gore, does seem to have matured a lot since being VP, however, this may just appear so because then he was under someone elses shadow, and to a lot of people, George W. Bush, appeared to have substance, somewhere.

    Watching Al Gore, present on his subject, when global warming is being discussed, I see a man with a definite demeanor, of “I mean business.” Unlike, Kerry’s inability to carry a convincing counterattack, and I see Al Gore, like Senator Clinton, as not having a penchant, like most of Washington right now, to cater to only those who can afford a $1000.00, a plate. And I see, something solid, not slimy, and disreputable, like Cheney’s, refusal to answer questions, and then continue under the pretense he has hid something, from someone, somehow, of which is obvious to everyone.

    Although, I believe, in Hillary Rodham Clinton, as being the best person, for the job that needs to be done, right now in Washington, I see Al Gore, as a possible candidate for the VP slot, again. He does not have to, be seen to have electability, as a president, right now, in order to fill the VP slot, however, if he presents on all subjects, as commanding an understanding of the issue, as he does on global warming, then I see no reason why he would not, now move from VP, into the presidential slot.

    We Democrats, simply have no better candidate for president than Senator Clinton, and America needs a woman to walk into the good ‘ol boys network, created by George W. Bush’ and company, and kick some serious butt. We need someone without balls to protect, now, then we can consider if All Gore is right for president, after.

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  3. 3
    kj says:

    If Al runs, I’m in his corner, again.

  4. 4
    Dave from Princeton says:

    He would definitely by far be my favorite at this point.

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    “I see Al Gore, as a possible candidate for the VP slot, again. He does not have to, be seen to have electability”

    I don’t think Gore would have the slightest interest in the VP slot, and he would have considerable support for the top spot. As for electability, he already won once if there was a fair count. I sure can’t think of any states where Clinton would be a stronger candidate than Gore. While I have no fears about Gore’s electability, I fear that once people are reminded of the details of HillaryCare she’ll have a hard time in a general election. Fortunately 2008 might be a year when any Democrat has the edge.

  6. 6
    Dave from Princeton says:

    Ron I agree 100%. Gore would never consider a VP slot. He already held that position for 8 years and would have no desire or reason to want it again.

  7. 7
    Ron Chusid says:

    There’s certainly no reason for Gore to be interested in the BP spot. Most people who go after the VP spot do so as a potential stepping stone to later run for President. (Then there’s Cheney who did it so he could virtually be President.) Being VP again would not enhance Gore’s chances to be President. If for some reason he doesn’t want to run this year but wants to run in the future, his chances might actually be better as a former VP who is now his own man than as a VP a second time.

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