Peggy Noonan Getting Soft

While most conservatives are attacking Chuck Hagel, Peggy Noonan has a favorable op-ed about his opposition to the war in the Wall Street Journal. Sure there are plenty of things I disagree with her about here, but the important thing is that she ends with kind comments about two Senators who are being unfairly vilified recently–Chuck Hagel and John Kerry:

A note too on John Kerry, who, on the floor of the Senate, also talked about Iraq this week, and said he would not run for president. Clearly he saw the lipstick writing on the wall: This is the year of the woman. He also might have been acting on the sense that this is a time of ongoing and incipient political flux. The major parties seem as played out as they are ruthless, and the arc of political fame is truncated: nobodies become somebodies become has-beens before half the country knows their name. The Democrats have no idea what they stand for, the Republicans only remember what they stood for.

But there was Mr. Kerry, liberated by the death of a dream and for once quite human as he tried to tell it the way he actually saw it. Took the mock right out of me. Good for him, and for Mr. Hagel. I wonder if we are seeing the start of a new seriousness.

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  1. 1
    kj says:

    Wow. Shocking to read. Thanks for bringing this to attention, Ron. I completely agreed with her take on the shoot to fame, shoot foot, go down in flames, all before breakfast.

    (But I can’t help but wonder which Republicans remember what they stood for…. did she mean Hagel, I wonder?)

  2. 2
    battlebob says:

    Peggy Noonan gives hookers a bad name.

  3. 3
    kj says:


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