Red State Realizes The Republican Candidates “All Suck”

Red State might not realize the right reasons, but they understand one fundamental problem faced by the GOP when we look at their potential candidates for 2008: They All Suck.

They certainly do. While the Democratic field also has its faults, at least they aren’t either a bunch of right wing extremists who follow the dictates of the religious right, regardless of their previous views (I especially mean you Romney), and support a foreign policy which has greatly undermined our national security. Red State asks, “who would be our Ronald Reagan, or in current political vernacular, the Republican Barack Obama?” If the Republican Party wants a chance to return to power they should recall the words of Ronald Reagan who promised to get the government off our backs. As long as the Republicans remain an authoritarian movement which promotes greater government intrusion in individual’s lives they will remain a minority party.

To really succeed, Republicans must learn to actually do what they say, as most voters don’t buy their empty rhetoric  any more than they believe their typical smears against Democrats. In other words, Republicans need to engage in honest discussion of the issues rather than persist with their usual obfuscation and dishonest attacks. The reason the Republican nominees all suck is that none of those listed have shown any ability to do this. It no longer works for Republicans to claim to be the party of small government when they are the party of greater government intrusion in individual’s lives. Republican attacks on Democrats as “socialists” are unconvincing when it is Republican “crony capitalism” and not the Democrats which is damaging the free market system. Republican claims to to greater strength on national security are no longer believed as they allow al Qaeda and Iran to become greater threats while they support bogging down our troops in Iraq.

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