A woman, a black, and a hispanic entered the presidential race. . .

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In a year where the front runners are a woman and a black, and other characteristics of each are far more important to their chances, Bill Ricardson’s hispanic background will likely have little impact upon his chances. There is far more talk about Obama’s charisma by supporters and lack of experience by opponents than of his race, and Hillary has so much baggage that her sex hardly matters. Matt Santos became the first hispanic President on The West Wing, but it will be hard for Bill Richardson to accomplish the same in the real world. While Bill Richardson has far more experience than Santos, and, more significantly, more than the major contenders in the race, this won’t benefit him anywhere near as much as the charisma of Jimmy Smits would. If a candidates’s resume was the deciding factor, neither Obama or Edwards would be in the top tier.Despite his experience in Congress, as Energy Secretary, as an ambassador, and Governor, Richardson is given little chance to raise the money needed to compete with the top tier candidates. This is unfortunate as, unless John Kerry or Al Gore get into the race, few of the candidates will start the job with as much first hand knowledge of our problems should they be elected.

At this stage I know little about Richardson beyond his impressive biography and do not know if I would ultimately support him. While experience is of value, I will ultimately choose more on the positions each candidate takes and look at the details of how they have faced similar problems in the past. Unfortunately the media prefers to cover the horse race, leaving little time for discussion of issues or the candiates they don’t feel have a chance (unless they create excitement as Al Sharpton did),often causing their predictions to come about. Candidates are also often reluctant to provide specifics out of fear of alienating potential supporters. Although the media might ignore him, Ricardson appears to be one candidate worth watching.

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    Nick says:


    Richardson does have an impressive resume-but there is scandal involved here too. Remember the Wen Hoo Lee scandal and the Chinese spy infiltrations at Los Alamos that happened on his watch as Energy Secretary.

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