Andrew Sullivan Comes Around

Every now and then there is a post from another blogger where they admit they were wrong and come around to agree with your position. Andrew Sullivan did that today, although not on a controversial political issue. He learned the benefits of high definition television:

I was a skeptic at first. We got the 46 inch LCD TV for Christmas but I was utterly indifferent to High Definition. It sounded like a snow-job to me. But Aaron insisted, so we got the new box and set up the new connection. Within seconds, I was hooked. Not since Gillette’s Mach 3 and the iPod have I been as impressed with a new technology. You think it will look better – but not that much better. The best way I can express this is: It is as if they took the lens off the camera.

If you’re into sports, it’s a must (I’m not). My own guilty pleasure is the Discovery Channel, National Geographic television, and other nature shows. I loved them before HDTV; but now they’re astonishing. The clarity that allows you to see nature as if you were there, in your own living room, is a window onto the entire world.

Right. It’s the difference between watching something on old fashioned television, with its mediocre pictures, and feeling like you are looking through a window at the real world.

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