SciFi Friday: Get a Kiss from Jessica Alba or Seven of Nine

Get a kiss from Jessica Alba, or Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Jenna Elfman, or Loretta (Hot Lips Houlihan) Swit, and while doing so contribute money to the Humaine Society by using these postage stamps:

Speaking of Sin City, some rumors are coming out about Sin City 2. 411mania reports that Angela Jolie might be out, to be replaced by Rachel Weisz or Rose McGowan. SciFi Wire reports that Brittany Murphy is interesting in reprising her role. Of course Alexis Bledel will be back on TV next week as Gilmore Girls returns, not looking like this:

Speaking of people who have also appeared on Gilmore Girls and returning television shows, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) gets a mentor to help him with his powers on Heroes. Christopher Eccleston, who played Doctor Who in the first season of the new series, will be joining Heroes as an invisible man named Claude, after Claude Rains, star of the 1933 movie version of The Invisible Man. His role starts on January 22, whith his character acting as a mentor for Peter. Heroes, which was renewed for a second season, also will have a new tag line to follow “save the cheerleader, save the world” when it returns. SciFi Wire has an interview with George Takei on his upcoming role as Hiro’s father.

Jericho ends its hiatus with a recap episode on February 14 followed by new episodes the following week. Some secrets will be revealed:

“By the end of the season, you will know where Jake’s been for the last five years, you will know what Hawkins’ involvement is with the bombings and who is behind the bombings,” executive producer Carol Barbee promised critics here Thursday.

We know who was behind the bombing on 24, but unfortuantely what was supposed to be a surprising end of the opening four hours had leaked out. By the time the suitcase nuclear device exploded it was expected, especially considering that we knew that both the device would be ready just as the episode ended and an attack was imminent. Exploding the bomb while under attack was the obvious conclusion for the episode to increase interest going into the regular weekly episodes. Earlier in the week I looked at the politics of 24.

Authoritarian Right Will Say Anything To Claim Democrats Are Unpatriotic

The authoritarian right is unwilling to tolerate any degree of questioning of the Bush administration, regardless of how much it has undermined our national security and strengthened enemies such as Iran, North Korea, and al Qaeda as a result of its bumbling foreign policy. They push their mantras that Democrats are unpatriotic and hate America, and search for anything they can twist as proof of such beliefs.

More conservative bloggers are bringing up the Fox News poll I noted yesterday which, besides showing decreasing support for Bush and the war, contains this curious result:

Even though a majority opposes Bush’s new plan and many are doubtful it can succeed, that does not mean they want it to fail: 63 percent of Americans say they want the plan to succeed, including 79 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of independents and 51 percent of Democrats.

Hugh Hewitt twists this to an attack on Democrats but at least is honest enough to list the full results, while some conservative blogs are listing only the answer for Democrats, ignoring the fact that, if we take this poll literally, even 21% of Republicans do not want the United States to succeed. Red State takes this further in attacking Democrats:

I don’t know how much more obvious they can make their desire for America to be defeated in Iraq. Can we question their patriotism yet?

Beyond the obvious problem of making any conclusion against Democrats based upon information from Fox News, a pseudo-news service established to distort the news to advance the GOP agenda, these results are open to other interpretations. Sure, we could take this literally and assume that a shocking number of Americans from all political parties hope for defeat. A more reasonable explanation is that a large number of Americans do not pay close attention to these polling questions. The results correlate fairly well by party with general opinions on the war. The most likely explanation is that people went down the list answering “yes” or “no” based upon their views of Bush and the war without paying close attention to the details of the question. It is doubtful that 49% of Democrats desire defeat considering what is at stake, just as it is doubtful that even 21% of Republicans do not support success.

When we hear these Republicans repeat their claims about Democrats with regards to patriotism, and virtually everything else, we must keep in mind how specious their arguments are and how they will cherry pick, or even outright distort, any statement to make their case when the facts are against them.

Colbert and O’Reilly Meet Twice

It is a sad commentary on the state of the media when, with the exception of Keith Olbermann, we are limited to The Comedy Channel to provide a check on Bill O’Reilly. Thursday night Stephen Colbert,whose show is based upon showing the absurdity of right wing beliefs by expressing them in a humorous manner, and Bill O’Reilly each visited each other’s show. There seemed so much potential here. When matter and anti-matter meet we expect a real explosion but it never came. While there were a few laughs there seemed to be so much potential which was missed. I was envisioning Colbert and O’Reilly appear to agree on numerous points, only to see Colbert demonstrating the absurdity by taking the ideas to areas unanticipated by O’Reilly. Instead there were some jabs such as Colbert making fun of the age of O’Reilly’s audience but no knock out blows.