Dinosaurs and Humans Coexisted


See dinosauers and humans together at this museum:

“I think we’ll be surprised at how many people come,” Ham said as he dodged dozens of designers working to finish exhibits in time for the May 28 opening.

The $27 million project, which also includes a planetarium, a special-effects theater, nature trails and a small lake, is privately funded by people who believe the Bible’s first book, Genesis, is literally true.

For them, a museum showing Christian schoolchildren and skeptics alike how the earth, animals, dinosaurs and humans were created in a six-day period about 6,000 years ago — not over millions of years, as evolutionary science says — is long overdue.

While foreign media and science critics have mostly come to snigger at exhibits explaining how baby dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark and Cain married his sister to people the earth, museum spokesman and vice-president Mark Looy said the coverage has done nothing but drum up more interest.

“Mocking publicity is free publicity,” Looy said. Besides, U.S. media have been more respectful, mindful perhaps of a 2006 Gallup Poll showing almost half of Americans believe that humans did not evolve, but were created by God in their present form within the last 10,000 years.

I’m happy to give them the free publicity. After all, everyone knows that humans and dinosaurs lived together–assuming their views were shaped by watching The Flintstones.

Hat tip to Grrl Scientist, who is “interested to know how they explain how god created light on the first day and waited until the fourth day to create the entire solar system, including the sun, which provides most of our light — essentially re-creating light for a second time.”

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    Daleri says:

    There several accounts in the Bible that suggest that dinosaurs were living at the same time as man. Behemoth is clearly some kind of sauropod. Leviathan is a serpentine dragon that fits very well with the anatomy of the Spinosaurus. The creature that swallowed Jonah could have been a dinosaur sea monster and there are several other accounts of sea monsters and dragons in the Bible.

    What is particularly striking is the vivid descriptions of Behemoth and Leviathan. These kinds of descriptions could never be made without having examples of living dinosaurs at the time. The descriptions include other animals such as horses and ostriches which we still have today so there is no indication that these creatures were mythological or imaginary. We know that creatures such as these did exist because we have found their fossilized bones.

    The only conclusion there is to make is that dinosaurs and man lived together. Some people suggest that we still do live together with dinosaurs. There are reports from remote parts of the earth of dinosaur sightings. Even I have known a person who claims to have seen a dinosaur like creature with an arched back in the Amazon jungle. 

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Just in case anyone doubts that there are people with so little knowledge of science as to believe that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, see the above.

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    J says:

    This comment was just too tempting to resist….
    “The only conclusion there is to make is that dinosaurs and man lived together.”
    I SERIOUSLY laughed out loud after reading this post!!  You seriously believe the ONLY conclusion to be made with the horrible info you relayed is the one you arrived at?!  If you seriously WANTED to know the truth, you’d have many more conclusions than just that one.
    It seems that most (not all!) Religious people  already have their minds made up, and choose to justify their side with little bits and pieces which never truly could even fit together in the end.  The larger picture though is consistently justified through science time after time.   Not to mention science shows how it arrives at conclusions made, unlike religion.
    Faith will continue to amaze me.  It seems that it is so powerful, it overrides, overpowers, and just throws to curb all common sense and ability to reason.  How can someone CHOOSE when to ignore science and when to use it as a reason for justification?  To have religious faith (to this level) in something is to believe in something so strongly, that no tangible proof is necessary.  And with my analytical, maybe even logical mind, I just can’t arrive at the same conclusion you do in any way!   I could go on….
    This doesn’t mean I don’t have faith in a higher power.  It just means that I don’t take the Bible LITERALLY.
    Interpreting the Bible literally is basically like interpreting Lord of the Rings literally.   They’re both full of mythic tales and creatures, full of lessons of comradery and values, not to mention pull from a heavenly type figure and a devilish figure, one white, one red.  See what I’m getting at?  I wonder if the author of the Bible decided to sign his work, would we live in a completely different world today?
    I’ve also noticed Christians are very stubborn, and though often debated to the point of speechlessness, they still will not waiver on their beliefs.
    Sometimes I wonder if the Bible was written all at once, or written gradually throughout a period of (what is at least believed to be) a long time.  I ask also, why have I never seen an actual map of the areas drawn at the same time the Bible was written?
    And I’m not talking about “artist interpretation maps” of the Bible.  Maybe I just missed them, and am not claiming to know that  no maps exist in the Bible, but I guess every Bible I have just has words…
    Well, this was just a small look at what my beliefs are and how maybe I question others.  But to believe that the ONLY conclusion you could arrive at just because someone found human foot prints next to dinosaur footprints is that they LIVED AT THE SAME TIME is just plain ignorant.
    It’s like all science is ignored and refuted.  All procedures and formulas used to date fossils and interpret time are nonsense UNTIL someone finds a human footprint in a dinsoaur one…THEN all of a sudden, the VERY formulas used to prove religion’s timing bunk are now being used to prove dinosaurs and humans lived together??!!
    Come  on!!  To be a conservative talking point is one thing, but to SERIOUSLY believe that the Flintstones could in some way be a documentary of prehistoric human life is honestly just ignorant.
    This isn’t meant to single out any one person, but I’d like to know from a serious person how someone can justify or even begin to prove that dinosaurs could have every existed with humans.
    Just because it’s written in a book doesn’t make it true…

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