James Watson Calls Bush a “Piece of Shit”

James Watson goes beyond science in an aritcle in the January Esquire. Here’s some quotes of interest, although he  had some rather odd comments also:

You explain things by way of ideas. Why do we have a government that is run by rich trash? Because they’ve used their money to buy the presidency. Bush is a tool for the people who don’t want an inheritance tax. And Frist isn’t an innocent bystander, with his own family fortune—hundreds of millions. The piece of shit, I hate him.

I’m basically a libertarian. I don’t want to restrict anyone from doing anything unless it’s going to harm me. I don’t want pass a law stopping someone from smoking. It’s just too dangerous. You lose the concept of a free society. Since we are genetically so diverse and our brains are so different, we’re going to have different aspirations. The things that will satisfy me satisfy you. On the other hand, if global warming is in any way preventable and it’s likely to come, not doing something be irresponsible to the future of our society.

Being raised nonreligious made you free. You could look at the evidence. Whether being nonreligious or a Democrat more important, I can’t tell you.

Reason links to other recent interviews with Watson, selecting his more libertarian comments. While Watson has many comments of interest, and many I agree with, he does have a reputation as being somewhat of a kook at times.

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    heber Perez says:

    I never thought I would agree, but I have come to the understanding Bush is a piece of shit.  I am or I thought I was Republican, but some things lately have made me change my mind. I am a Cuban American.

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