Does Wanting to Win Excuse Incompetence?

It’s tough to defend a plan which is unlikely to succeed and which has been proposed by someone whose plans so far have been total failures. Jonah Goldberg attempts to defend Bush’s escalation of the war at a time when few others support him. As there is no sensible argument in favor of Bush’s plans, Goldberg resorts to the usual standby seen by Republicans–attack the Democrats. He excuses Bush’s incompetence because “Bush sticks to his goal of winning in Iraq” concluding with:

Bush came up with the “surge” plan. Will it work? Nobody knows. But the one thing the American people know about George W. Bush is that he wants to win the war. What the Democrats believe is anybody’s guess.

Wanting to win is not enough. Going to war in the first place was a mistake. The manner in which the war was planned and conducted was inept. These are the faults of George Bush, not the Democrats. Wanting to win does little when Americans are dying needlessly and when our national security is being undermined. Remaining bogged down in Iraq only strengthens al Qaeda and Iran in the region, and continues to inflame the insurgency within Iraq.

Goldberg throws in another strange attack claiming that “Kerry, Pelosi and other Democrats were in favor of more troops before they were against it.” Kerry and Pelosi were against this war from the start. The attack on Kerry and other Democrats from the Republicans was that they wanted to “cut and run,” not send in more troops. Perhaps Goldberg is twisting the argument that Democrats made that, while they opposed going to war, they should at least send in adequate troops to do the job right from the beginning. This may have prevented civil war from breaking out, but now that it has sending in 20,000 more troops will solve nothing.

If Bush and Cheney want to step down and allow a Democrat to manage the war, then we can see if the Democrats can do a better job. As long as George Bush is Commander in Chief, the failings of the war remain his responsibility, not the responsibility of the Democrats who, despite control of Congress, do not have the power to take over management of this war which most of them opposed from the start. The recommendations from Democrats to include diplomatic efforts and benchmarks as parts of their plans are already far ahead of Bush’s plan to stay the course when it is failing.

Bush ran for reelection by demonizing John Kerry as he couldn’t run on his own miserable record. This worked in 2004 but by 2006 voters were not falling for this when Republicans were thrown out of office. Goldberg is resorting to the Bush 2004 strategy again of attacking the opponents when unable to defend Bush’s own record but few are likely to fall for this again.

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    Mark Robert Gates says:


    © 2007 Mark Robert Gates

    We all know how this works, we send in our operative, with an agreement, if caught we in America will deny all knowledge of this person having any existence. In Iraq, and given today’s Iraq policy, it is time we “We American’s” fall back on this, plausible deniabilty, as, there is still time and, as, there is still a possibility of maintaining, America’s pristine, war image, by denying any involvement, by those past operative’s now caught, in Iraqi war failure’s, and involved in our current Ameri-government affairs. So, lets get our stories’ straight and make sure we do not spill our guts, in a mistaken fear of loss, of our credible use of plausible deniability. Please, fill out your, Plausible Deniabiltiy Sweepstakes, entry, and send it in today, “We” could be America’s next big winner.

    We simply, all deny together, there is anyone, we know of, named, George W. Bush, who ever was, or who is now, an American president.

    -Mark Robert Gates

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