David Brooks: The Democrats Are to Blame For Iraq

We’ve now seen numerous books published demonstrating that, after Bush lied the country into the war, and had no rational plans for success. It would seem that failure would be his responsibility. Despite being responsible for all the plans to get us into Iraq, Brooks starts his column by trying to shift the blame to the Democrats:

If the Democrats don’t like the U.S. policy on Iraq over the next six months, they have themselves partly to blame. There were millions of disaffected Republicans and independents ready to coalesce around some alternative way forward, but the Democrats never came up with anything remotely serious.

In other words, Bush got us into a situation with no ideal solution but the fault lies with the Democrats for not coming up with the pefect solution. At least Democrats recognize that it is the presence of Americans in Iraq which is inflaming the insurgency while Bush wants to send in even more, when his own military advisors recognize that his plan will not work. Democrats have been discussing diplomacy while Bush refuses to talk to his enemies while Republicans, who have difficulty seeing any issue in anything but black or white, remain totally oblivious to the distinction between mutually beneficial negotiations and appeasement. My comments from earlier on the Gallup Poll also apply to Brooks.

Even Brooks cannot sustain the political spin that he starts his column with. After his obligatory Democrat-bashing he starts his discussion of Bush’s proposals with “So we are stuck with the Bush proposal as the only serious plan on offer. The question is, what exactly did President Bush propose last night? The policy rollout has been befogged by so much spin and misdirection it’s nearly impossible to figure out what the president is proposing.” In the end he admits that “Instead of facing up to this core reality, the Bush administration has papered it over with salesmanship and spin.”

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