Support for Bush and War Shows Further Decline

George Bush has very little support for his policies prior to his expected announcement of plans to escalate the war tonight according to the latest Gallup Poll. Only 25% believe he has a clear plan, which is down from the previous low of 31% in June 2006. His approval rating for handling the war is down to 26%, also a new low. He will have to do a tremendous sales job to get support for the surge as the poll shows “Just 12% of Americans choose an increase in troop levels when presented with four U.S. options for dealing with Iraq, and only 36% say they would favor a Bush proposal that would temporarily increase the number of U.S. troops to stabilize the situation in Iraq.”

While confidence in Bush is deteriorating, many also do not believe that the Democrats have a clear plan either. The polls reports that  “only 25% believe they have a clear plan. That view has remained remarkably consistent over the past year. Just more than one in three Democrats, 36%, believe their party’s leadership has a clear plan on Iraq, compared with 22% of independents and 15% of Republicans.”

This is really the wrong question. The problem is that there is no good solution, but the responsibility for this lies with those who started the war without a real plan for success. Blaming the Democrats for not having a solution is as if a Republican cracked open an egg and then blamed Democrats for not having a plan for putting it back together again.

In reality there is a major difference between the Democrats and George Bush. While George Bush wants more of the same failed policy, Democrats are looking at various plans with the aim of getting out with the least damage possible. The real question is not whether Democrats have a clear plan, but which party voters would prefer to take over management of the war. The preference for Democrats has been seen in previous polls and, more importantly, in November’s election results. Congress does not have the power to institute a single clear cut plan to manage the war, but a majority does appear to back the Democrats in their efforts to hold Bush more accountable.

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