25% of Americans Expect Second Coming in 2007

There’s only one thing more depressing than watching the second half of the Rose Bowl–looking at the views of Americans. An Associated Press-AOL Poll shows that 25% of Americans expect the second coming to occur during 2007. That sure explains why they would vote for George Bush despite how much damage he has caused to this country. Harming our national security, ignoring global warming, running up the deficit, and undermining our system of government don’t really matter that much if we you don’t believe you are going to be on this earth much longer.

The rest of the country isn’t that optimistic either as 60% believe we will be the victim of a terrorist attack, or that a nuclear or biological weapon will be unleashed somewhere in the world in 2007. Despite these findings, another report on an AP-AOL poll shows that Americans are optimistic. I suspect it comes down to which questions are asked and which answers are stressed in the report.

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Big Brother at Home and Americans Snooping When Britons Fly

The Telegraph reports objections to the United States snooping on British air travelers:

Britons flying to America could have their credit card and email accounts inspected by the United States authorities following a deal struck by Brussels and Washington.

By using a credit card to book a flight, passengers face having other transactions on the card inspected by the American authorities. Providing an email address to an airline could also lead to scrutiny of other messages sent or received on that account.

The extent of the demands were disclosed in “undertakings” given by the US Department of Homeland Security to the European Union and published by the Department for Transport after a Freedom of Information request.

About four million Britons travel to America each year and the released document shows that the US has demanded access to far more data than previously realised.

Not only will such material be available when combating terrorism but the Americans have asserted the right to the same information when dealing with other serious crimes.

Shami Chakrabarti, the director of the human rights group Liberty, expressed horror at the extent of the information made available. “It is a complete handover of the rights of people travelling to the United States,” she said.

It is understandable that the would be upset over this, but I would think that Britons would be even more concerned about the routine surveillance occurring in their own country, as I wrote about last week.

Happy New Years from the Walt Disney World Boardwalk

We flew out (thru Gerald Ford International Airport) this afternoon and reached Walt Disney World in plenty of time to catch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from Epcot, MGM, and even Magic Kingdom in the distance on the bridge leading towards Epcot. We even managed to make it on Test Track before Epcot closed after the fire works.

Tomorrow, the Rose Bowl, possibly from the ESPN Club, then late night at Magic Kingdom. Another football game and yet another Wolverine to have a moment of silence for. Gerald Ford will be returning to Grand Rapids in a few days but unfortunatley one of the planned pallbearers won’t be able to be present–Bo Schembechler.