SciFi Friday: Billie Piper Gone from Doctor Who, Is David Tennant Leaving Too?

One fun thing about Doctor Who is that we can travel in time. I don’t mean on the show, but that we can see what happens on the tv series in the future since it is broadcast in Great Britain before in the United States. Last week many of us already knew that it would be the final appearance of Rose, who was trapped in a parallel universe during the invasion of Earth by the Cybermen and Daleks in the second season finale. A Christmas episode, not yet aired in the United States, picks up where the finale ended with the bride who appeared aboard the Tardis in the final minute of the episode.

After losing Billie Piper, there were rumors that David Tennant would be leaving his role as the tenth Doctor in the middle of the fourth season of the new series in hopes of obtaining movie rolls. BBC News reports denials that he is leaving but plans beyond the third season are vague. Reportedly he is filming the third season, with no decision made yet on the fourth season. Freema Agyeman plays the Doctor’s companion in the third season, replacing Piper. The BBC also notes that Tennant came in first place in a poll of at Doctor Who magazine, beating out long time favorite Tom Baker.

Slice of SciFi has an update on the remake of The Prisoner, which is a joint effort of the AMC network in the United States and Skye One in Great Britain. There have been rumors for quite a while that Christopher Eccleston, who previously played the tenth Doctor, will star but they have not been confirmed. A movie version is also being considered.

A direct to DVD Battlestar Gallactica movie is planned for this summer, with rumors that it will bridge the gap between the third and fourth seasons as well as tie into the planned Caprica spin off.

While I remain disappointed that Michigan will be playing in the Rose Bowl as opposed to the national championship game, there is one small consolation. George Lucas will be Grand Marshall of the Tournament of Roses Parade and will include a Tribute to Star Wars for its 30th anniversary:

This year’s parade will feature a “Star Wars Spectacular,” including a pair of floats inspired by the films and a 200-member marching unit from the 501st Legion, a 3,500-strong group of fans in authentic replica costumes.

When Lucas had the idea for a Star Wars float in the Rose Parade, an open audition call went out to 501st members. Lucasfilm received 700 videos from costumed fans who filmed themselves marching. These were narrowed down to 200 participants, and Lucasfilm is flying those members in from across the nation and around the world, with 22 countries and 36 states represented, the trade paper reported. About 80 percent will be dressed in the parade as the traditional iconic stormtroopers, with the rest appearing in related costumes such as snowtroopers, sandtroopers and biker scouts.

The 176-member Grambling State University marching band will from Louisiana will accompany the 501st with music from the films, including the “Main Title,” “Imperial March” and “The Throne Room” themes. Eight dancers and eight flag girls from Grambling State will also be dressed as Twi’leks—exotic alien dancers from the Star Wars films.

The Star Wars floats will depict the forest moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi—complete with Ewoks swinging between trees—and the planet of Naboo from the prequel trilogy, featuring royal queens, handmaidens, Jedi protectors and even working waterfalls. They were designed to represent the theme of this year’s parade, “Our Good Nature.”

SciFi Friday is a weekly feature of Liberal Values. This week’s edition was a Featured Post at Memeorandum on Friday evening. Next week Liberal Values is going to Walt Disney World to visit Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, and Spaceship Earth.

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    11th doctor says:

    i cant belive it im the new doctor who

  2. 2
    E.J.Dereks says:

    “After losing Billie Piper, there were rumors that David Tennant would be leaving his role as the eleventh Doctor in the middle of the fourth season of the new series in hopes of obtaining movie rolls.”

    David Tennant is the tenth Doctor.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Post corrected. (I had eleventh on my mind due to articles speculating on the eleventh Doctor.)

  4. 4
    anya smith says:

    hello doctor my name is anya rachel smith and i really wish that i could see you in person so i also want to travel across the universe with you and i really love you so much so just call me on my cell its 308-[deleted] so thats my cell number so just call me and i’d love to hear your voice love anya rachel smith.

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