Number 48 Dies At 93

Former University of Michigan Center Gerald Ford died last night at age 93. He played on the undefeated national championship teams in 1932 and 1933. Ford’s jersey, number 48 was later retired in a ceremony at half time of the Michigan-Michigan State game on October 8, 1994. Ford would sometimes have The Victors played at state functions in place of Hail to the Chief when he served later in his life as President of the United States.

As one example of how the world has changed since Ford’s college days, Ford turned down NFL offers in order to attend Yale Law School. As an example of how the world has changed since my college days, I recall once walking within a few feet of Ford when he was visiting the University of Michigan campus, with only one person on each side of him. Its hard to imagine a current President walking like that without having the entire area cordoned off.

Local television here in West Michigan has been covering this story all night, including shots of candles being set outside the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids by mourners. It has been announced that the lobby of the museum, which features a replica of the oval office, will be kept open until further notice. The rest of the museum will be closed. Reportedly Ford will be buried outside the museum after lying in state in Washington, D.C.

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    Bandit says:

    That’s how I remember Ford as well – they always showed a picture of him lined up to snap the ball. The NFL was very small potatoes before TV came along and clearly Ford made the right decision.

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    Probus says:

    I applaud President Ford for having the courage to speak out against this wrong war. I admire his honesty and integrity in speaking the truth about the rush to war. Even though his comments have come out after his passing, they are true in their content and as a former president and an American he had every right to speak his mind. He was right in stating that administration did rush to war. There is nothing traitorous in speaking out against a war that has put our brave men and women in the middle of a deadly civil war with no end in sight. Those of us who are against this war including the former president don’t want to lose in Iraq, but we are realistic enough to see that this war is turning into another Vietnam war, which we lost. President Ford realized what many Americans realize that the current president’s goal of a democratic Iraq is not worth the life of even one brave American son or daughter.

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