Top Ten Myths About Evolution

Even if you don’t read the full book, the web site for The Top 10 Myths About Evolution gives a good summary on the topic. The book is an expansion of a previous article, Getting the Monkey off Darwin’s Back: Four Common Myths About Evolution. With this “myth inflation” here’s the current list:

Myth 1:
Survival of the Fittest

Myth 2:
It’s Just a Theory

Myth 3:
The Ladder of Progress

Myth 4:
The Missing Link

Myth 5:
Evolution is Random

Myth 6:
People Come from Monkeys

Myth 7:
Nature’s Perfect Balance

Myth 8:
Creationism Disproves Evolution

Myth 9:
Intelligent Design is Science

Myth 10:
Evolution is Immoral

From these summaries it definately looks like a book I’ll have to pick up.

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