Wyden Proposes Health Care Plan

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has proposed a health care plan which is outlined on his web site. The plan has components which will sound familar to those who supported John Kerry’s health care plan in 2004 as it also involves finding ways to make it possible for all Americans to buy into the health programs offered to members of Congress.

I’ve criticized the Republican alternative, Health Savings Accounts, for creating disincentives for preventative care and treatment of chronic diseases, ultimately acting to increase the cost of providing health care to Americans long term. In contrast, Wyden’s plan would encourage preventative and chronic care:

Also under the Healthy Americans Act, subscribers will not be charged co-pays for preventive services or chronic disease management. Insurers will be able to offer discounts and other incentives based on participation in wellness programs such as nutrition counseling, tobacco cessation and exercise. Primary care physicians will be reimbursed for investing time in chronic disease management and prevention.

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    Kari Chisholm says:

    Hey, thanks for the post!

    My name is Kari Chisholm, and I’m helping Senator Wyden with his netroots site on this – Stand Tall for America.

    We’re trying to organize supporters – and we sure could use your help!

    Obviously, there are going to be a lot of questions. Anything this big is going to be pretty complex. So if you know folks who have questions, send ’em on over to the STFA website.

    Here’s the bottom line: It’s a universal plan, that gives everyone a generous benefit equal to that of Members of Congress. No one can be denied or charged a higher rate because of their age, gender, genetic makeup, or pre-existing conditions. Low-income and middle-income folks get meaningful subsidies. You’ll be able to take your insurance with you, even if you change jobs, lose your job, go back to school, or get too sick to work. There’s some tough cost containment (saving $1.48 trillion over 10 years) – and the plans will all get report cards so that Americans can compare plans on price and on how well they do in keeping people healthy.

    Again, thanks – and we’ll talk to you soon!

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    Robbie C says:

    Most of us want you to vote for our presidents plan! Ltes get with it. Or mabey. You will end up like G Smith

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