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It’s been a good week for links.  Yesterday one of my posts on Barack Obama was quoted by The Guardian. Today I found that my earlier post on Kerry and Gore was mentioned by the Boston Globe, which also tells of a joint appearance by the two “at Mitchell Gold in Boston where Tipper Gore is displaying her fine art photography. A portion of the proceeds are going to The Climate Project, founded by Tipper and Al Gore.” There’s also a more recent photo of the two than the one I used for my earlier post.

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    democrafty says:

    And, for the second time today, let me say how thrilled I am that they are working together on these issues.

  2. 2
    kj says:

    Ron, a link from the Guardian is very, very cool. 🙂 Congrats.

    And yes, I’m with democrafty above, I’m thrilled to see this issue take center stage.

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    KerryDemocrat says:

    Very nice to get the links. I have to say that I am so torn as we move towards the 2008 Presidential election, I would so very much like to see Al Gore run, and I would be very likely to support him in his effort. There are some candidates that I think are problems though (Kerry is not necessarily one of them, but I do have some reservations there).

    I know it’s early, but many activists are lining up their support early. As for me, I am going to sit on the sidelines until I am certain that everyone is in the race.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:


    “Kerry is not necessarily one of them, but I do have some reservations there.”

    I don’t know if I’ll have time to actually write it this weekend, but I have outline what could be a long post in my head while driving this weekend–what Kerry needs to do to be a viable candidate in light of the reservations many have about him. One problem is that it is much easier to make the argument that Kerry would make the best President than the best candidate. There are things he must do to convince Democrats that he would make a strong candidate in 2008.

    I don’t think Gore plans to run, but I also think he would like to be President and therefore has always kept the door open. I don’t see him just launching a conventional campaign, but if there is no clear front runner and there is great demand for him to get in I could see him allowing himself to be wooed.

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    KerryDemocrat says:

    I totally agree that John Kerry would be a terrific President and you are right, my reservations about him have to do with his ability to campaign. Assuming that John McCain will be the Presidential nominee for the Republican party, the fact that John Kerry ‘courted’ John McCain as a potential running mate, could bring serious trouble for him in a direct campaign should he make it through the primaries.

    I know several activists who are looking to get involved with John Edwards early, and he is an interesting choice, but for me and a lot of American’s his lack of experience would be an issue. In addition, I have some problem with the fact that he was unable to bring much to the Kerry run as a running mate.

    I have serious problems with Hillary Clinton, as I see her as too much of a centrist and I am repeatedly annoyed with her for reaching out towards some on the right. I also have major issues with her views in regards to Iraq.

    Obama is very intriguing to me, and at this moment I would look closely at him as a potential candidate, but their is also a bit of an experience gap there. Obama would make an excellent VP choice however.

    That brings me to ‘the others’…Vilsack, Kucinich, etc…
    They are just non starters for me, but should they pull out some surprises…

    So, Gore seems to be the last heavyweight, and I think that many in America would take him very seriously. He is set up to run on some very real green security issues, his ‘boogers’ have pretty much all been exposed, and he has the potential war chest with his recent public fortunes.

    He may also win an Academy Award, and people will love him as a “celeb”…

    That being said, I am certain that Gore wants very badly to be ‘wooed’. At this point, I think that a Gore/Barack ticket would be a Monster. Should Clinton win, I think you will see a Clinton/Clark ticket. Should Kerry win, I have no idea who he would lean towards as a running mate…I think he would have to pick someone that could go on a dogged attack against McCain for him. I’m not sure who that would be.

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:


    It’s not so clear that Kerry courted McCain. I’ve seen some accounts saying that this story actually originated with McCain (including one such account from someone with the 2004 Kerry campagin). I’ve also found quotations where McCain claimed to have been Bush’s top pick in 2000. I wonder if it isn’t a case of McCain spreading these stories for his own benefit. This could backfire.

    McCain might also have a serious problem with Iraq, especially if Bush takes his advice and sends in more troops and it doesn’t work out well.

    As for ther others, I’d separate Kucinich from people like Vilsack and Richardson. Kucinich obviously has little chance but we can’t rule out the possibility of one of the lesser known centrists emerging. They are much in the position of Carter and Clinton who also weren’t widley known at this point. It is possible a dark horse could still wind up front runner–although in a sense that might be what Obama has done over a year ahead of the primaries.

    I’m afraid I don’t get the whole Edwards thing. Edwards is basically Obama-light. Maybe during a campaign specific issues might lead me to change my ranking of them, but just looking at my general impression of them I don’t see Edwards as even being in Obama’s league.

    Gore might get into it if wooed, but I’m not sure many people are going to do that. Having bloggers call for him is unlikely to make much of a difference. If Obama survives as a major candidate it also makes it less likely that people will turn to Gore in despiration due to not feeling there is a credible non-Hillary candidate.

  7. 7
    kj says:

    I have a soft spot for Al Gore. His campaign poster stayed up (in our house, anyway) until we moved in 2003. And I agree with KerryDemocrat that he is the last heavyweight, besides Kerry, around. But I doubt he will run again.

    When I think of Obama, I think of John Edwards, as Dr. Ron said above. I thought Edwards was a good pick for veep, but my hopes were dashed. He was however a big hit here in Missouri. People saw him as ‘approachable’ and fit the ever-important ‘one of them’ niche every candidate has to fold him/herself into.

    Clark will be a presence in someone’s cabinet, no doubt about that at all.

    In the meantime, I’m on the sidelines as well. Watching the ball bounce, hoping my preferred candidate picks up the tips he’s been handed and (literally) runs with them. It will be a fast run, a sprint, with no time for stumbles or mistakes.

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