Bush Has No Plan, No Speech

George Bush was planning to give a major speech before Christmas in which he’d lay out a new plan for Iraq. While politically it made sense to do this following the mid term elections and the release of the Iraq Study Group’s report, practically there is one problem. Just like Richard Nixon’s secret plan to get out of Vietnam, nobody knows the plan which Bush was going to discuss, not even George Bush. He obviously can’t stick with the current plan whcih seven in ten Americans disapprove of. There was only one thing to do–postpone the speech until next month in the hopes he can come up with something to say.

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    MinorRipper says:

    Great post, thanks. Don’t know if you’ve seen this David Letterman clip with Our Fearless Leader in it, but its pretty funny–

  2. 2
    Probus says:

    I look forward to the president’s State of the Union Address, because he will be speaking in front of a dem Congress with a dem Speaker of the House looking on. He will be speaking to the American people for the first time after they voted his party out of power. If Rove and Bolten are working on this speech, I suspect he will repackage his failed Iraq war strategy under the new banner of “new way forward” which sounds a lot like “stay the course”. The Baker-Hamilton report was a strong rebuke to this administration. He has already decided to not talk to Iran and Syria which is a mistake. He might even send more troops to Iraq instead of redeploying them. His so-called new policy will essentially be “We will succeed unless we quit.”

  3. 3
    janet says:

    I am sick of the word “forward” which just means cover up.

    I want the troops home now–like before Christmas. Bring them home. Period.

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