Thank You Congressional Republicans

Never let it be said I have never thanked the Republicans for anything. I do appreciate one action they took, with Democratic support, as they rushed to push through many last minute measures after being voted out. From reports on the tax and trade package:

It would stave off a scheduled 5.1 percent cut in payments to doctors who treat Medicare payments…

This is a product of a flawed formula to determine physician reimbursement under Medicare which attempts to tie physician reimbursement to overall medical spending. The system hasn’t worked because individual physicians have little influence on overall health care costs. The formula would result in five percent cuts annually for the next eight years. Just try cutting Medicare payments by forty percent and see how much trouble the elderly will have in obtaining adequate health care.

In recent years Congress, under Republican control, has acted to eliminate such cuts. The American Medical Association does report that this year it was a bipartisan effort. Hopefully the Democrats will eliminate this flawed formula entirely, and actually increase reimbursement to account for inflation and increased practice expenses.

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    Nick says:


    It just goes to show that if you stick around politics long enough you’ll agree even with those you would normally detest. In fact, here are a few statements (or paraphrases)that liberals would agree with-made by conservatives

    Richard Nixon was one of the most dishonest men in the history of American politics… All good Christians should kick Jerry Falwell in the a%*- Barry Goldwater

    I would like his (i.e. Osama Bin Laden’s) head on a plate- Dick Cheney

    Global warming is a fundamental threat to us-Pat Robertson

    We are approaching a John Kerry “how do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake” moment- Joe Scarborough

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