The Apprentice: Haves Versus Have Nots

It must be the year for reality shows to attempt to make social statements. Survivor tried the race wars and wound up with one of the most boring seasons ever. We already knew The Apprentice was moving to Los Angeles and replacing Caroline and George with Ivana and Donald, Jr. along with previous winners. The Apprentice is adding additional twists to attempt to get people interested again, including pitting the haves versus have-nots:

In a compelling social experiment of haves and have nots, contestants this season will have to earn the right to live like Trump. Each week, the contestants on the winning team will get to live in a luxurious mansion. But contestants on the losing team will have to sleep outside in tents in the back yard of the mansion with outdoor showers and port-a-potties, giving contestants more incentive than ever to win their tasks each week.

In another engaging new twist, the winning project manager each week will remain project manager until they lose, plus they will also sit in the boardroom and help advise Trump on who he should fire each week from their opposing team. Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. will return for several episodes, along with previous “Apprentice” winners, as boardroom advisors to their father.

┬áThe Apprentice returns with a ninety minute episode on January 7. If you can’t wait, a tour of the mansion is available on line.

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