Passed Ten Thousand

Liberal Values has hit another landmark today, and it is a sign of the state of the blogosphere. Although I use a combination of methods to block spam, the one which has been the most productive, Askimet, passed ten thousand blocked spam posts today. Askimet estimates that 93% of blog comments are spam. At least the ratio here isn’t that bad, but between the ten thousand picked up by Askimet and those picked up by other methods, I’ve seen far more plugs for drugs, insurance, and sexual paraphernalia than I’d like. Askimet reports picking up almost 400,000,000 spam posts throughout the blogosphere since it has been in existence, and over two million spam posts today.

The good side is that spam comments very rarely make it through to clutter up the blog, and the automated mechanisms such as Askimet relieve me of the need to constantly set up manual filters as each new spammer shows up. Such filters have also allowed me to avoid sign-ins and even more cumbersome techniques used at many blogs to differentiate between real comments and spam. The one down side is that occasionally real comments are picked up as spam, but as annoying as that is I still find it a small price to pay for a virtually spam-free blog.

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  1. 1
    Christopher says:

    I use askimet too and it works great.

    I wish I didn’t have to moderate comments though — it’s a time consuming process I have little interest in performing.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    As time consuming as it is, imagine doing it without askimet or a similar plug in. At Democratic Daily no plug ins were used to prevent spam. Most of the spam which askimet picks up goes thru and it is necessary to add a new filter to WordPress to prevent the same spammer from returning.

    At least with askimet all that is usually needed is to glance thru the que for real comments, and then hit the button to delete all.

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