Libertarian Elected to New Hampshire Legislature

The Boston Globe reports that a libertarian has been elected to the New Hampshire legislature:

He embraced libertarianism in his late teens and early 20s after reading Ayn Rand and the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein , from whom, he said, he learned the value of individual responsibility. Among Winters’s principal political concerns is individual privacy. He does not carry a cell-phone, and he prefers not to use credit cards or ATM machines because, he said, they create a map of a person’s movements.

“I am not willing to have my life turned into a bunch of 0’s and 1’s,” he said.

A key plank of his campaign was opposition to the federal Real ID Act, which mandates that states impose stricter identification requirements for driver’s licenses, a move that some say could lead to institution of a national ID card. Winter says he decided to run when the Republican-controlled state Senate last year rejected legislation that would have exempted the state from some of the law’s requirements.

Another interesting aspect of the story is that he ran as a Democrat:

Democrats say they are pleased to have Winters in their fold, which next session will count 271 members in the House. They note, though, that he has promised to toe the party line.

“Joel is a unique Democrat,” said Mike Brunelle , a newly elected House member and vice chairman of the Manchester Democrats. “But he is a Democrat.”

I have a feeling the local Democrats might be disappointed if they expect him to “toe the party line” on all issues. It should be interesting.

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  1. 1
    NH says:

    You bet! When they find out he’s not going to fall for their spending schemes and control freak laws, they will be sorely disappointed.


    Also, many of those Dems that were elected were ‘fillers’ and are now refusing to serve!!!

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    “Control freak laws” have been more of a problem from Republicans, at least nationally. I don’t know what issues have been considered in the NH legislature lately.

    The article does make Winters sound a bit of a nut, but hopefully he’s as capable of making sound arguments in support of individual liberty as much as he is able to complain about cell phones and credit cards. If so, having such a voice could turn out to be good for the Democrats in the legislature. With Republicans increasingly being the supporters of a more authoritarian government, and Democrats not being entirely sure where the party stands, a push in a libertarian direction could be helpful.

  3. 3
    Editor says:

    New article up on

    An Insider’s Perspective talks about growing up in the LDS (Mormon) Church and the discovering all was not right with what she was told. It helps explain why Mormans can be rather narrowminded and why their culture only further enforces it. Please feel free to provde feedback here. We have an election looming over us and 4 or 8 more years of right-wing politics might be too much for this nation.

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