Bush Twins Asked to Leave Argentina Following Drunk and Nude Antics

After days of stories of drunk partying coming out of Argentina, including allegations that the Bush twins have been running nude in the halls of their hotel, US australianviagra.com embassy officials have “strongly suggested” that they leave the country.

Obviously the twins will fit in much better back in the United States, where the top news is that Britney Spears is now upstaging Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in flashing her private parts without panties, along with showing a need for increased support above the waist. From various reports, Paris sounds jealous, and Lindsay was mad enough to hit Paris.

With fun like that awaiting them at home, I’m surprised the Bush twins aren’t rushing back, at least to make sure that their nude Argentina videos make the internet before the rumored Jessica Simpson sex tapes make it on line.

Whenever you question how it is that the American voters reelected George Bush in 2004 despite all the evidence of his failures, keep in mind that this post, and not all that political stuff you read, is all the average American voter is really thinking about.

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  1. 1
    kj says:

    And did Kid Rock file for divorce before Pamela Anderson filed? By how many minutes? Will they need to file for divorce as many times as they held a marriage ceremony?

    Raise your hand if the thought of gays getting married scares you as much as a glance at people mag or tmz or Britney or Lindsey’s… ahem.

  2. 2
    battlebob says:

    The picture shows a couple Weapons of Mass Destructions.

  3. 3
    sere says:

    good site

  4. 4
    yz250dirtgirl says:

    I think that if everyone including myself took all the energy that we waste on trying to control things which are not in within our control -(like the thoughts and actions of another) and refocus it on the things that are within our control -(our own thoughts and our own actions), then each one of us together could make a change that could mean the difference for the survival of our great country and prevent it from further demise.

  5. 5
    yz250dirtgirl says:

    just a few comments about the ban on same-sex  marriage………..

    ……….Well, I think  if they won’t let Gays  marry. They should at least change ……… “The Pledge Of Allegiance” ……………. to be  more accurately stated.

    …..One Nation , Under God,  Indivisable,( “defending Liberty”) and justice for all—(except Gays)!!!!!!

  6. 6
    consumer4 says:

    @Ladyred133 @AddThis Obama children = raised properly http://t.co/XjfCpxWW #caring #notentitledbrats #tcot

  7. 7
    Judith says:

    *** Official response from the US Embassy in Argentina: We have seen a report from news sources stating that Embassy officials strongly suggested that President Bush’s daughters curtail their visit in Argentina. This is false, as are other aspects of the report referring to the Embassy’s position on the visit. The Embassy welcomes the visit and has provided close support and cooperation.

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