How Fox Twists The News

The Huffington Post has come up with a memo which, as is hardly surprising, shows how Fox News distorts their coverage to promote Republicans, regardless of the validity.

The memo instructs staff members to “be on the look out for any statements from the Iraqi insurgents, who must be thrilled by the prospect of a Dem-controlled Congress.”

If you are only looking for one angle to fabricate a case you are bound to find something to back it up. They’d be providing a far more accurate account if instead they looked at how George Bush has played into bin Laden’s hands from the beginning, including by assisting in his goal of overthrowing secular Middle East governments, giving terrorists new training grounds in Iraq, turning moderate Arabs against the United States, tremendously increasing recruitment for al Qaeda, and undermining pro-democracy movements world wide.

The memo also says, “The question of the day, and indeed for the rest of bush’s term, is: What’s the Dem plan for Iraq?” A far better question for after the election would be to ask whether the Republicans were repudiated for taking the country to war without a plan. After all, it is those who took us to war who really should have had a plan. Democrats have offered plans, but the problem is that George Bush has left us all in a situation where there are no good solutions. To blame the Democrats for not having a perfect plan for Iraq would be like breaking an egg and attacking the opponent for not having a plan to put it back together again.

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