Crackdown on OxyContin Increases Heroin Use

The war on drugs isn’t going all that much better than the war in Iraq. Reuters provides this information from a Justice Department report (hat tip to Majikthise):

A crackdown on illegal use of prescription narcotics like the powerful painkiller OxyContin has caused some addicts to switch to heroin, a Justice Department report said on Wednesday.

The report by the department’s National Drug Intelligence Center identified the main drug threats in the United States for the coming year.

“In some areas, such substitutions among prescription drug abusers have been widespread, creating new challenges for local law enforcement and public health agencies compelled to address a widening local heroin user population,” it said.

The study also found rates of pharmaceutical drug abuse, including pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants and sedatives, exceeded that of all other drugs, except marijuana.

Don’t those Republicans who support the war on drugs realize that the free market cannot be stopped from supplying people with the goods they desire?

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