Keep The Lap Dancers Four Feet Away

Here in Michigan we have proposals to consider ranging from affirmative action to hunting morning doves. That’s nothing compared to the ballot proposals in Seattle which regulate lap dancers and strip clubs. The Washington Post reports on a proposed city ordinance which would place the following restrictions on lap dancers:

  • The four-foot rule. A performer and her patron must stay at least four feet apart.
  • The library rule. Lights must be turned up to the brightness of a typical office.
  • The cash-in-a-cup rule. A patron cannot give money directly to a dancer or wiggle it into her underwear.

I fear whoever came up with these rules just does not get lap dancing. One lap dancer summed up the problem. “The four-foot rule will mean I can’t make a living. Who is going to pay $20 to stand four feet away and watch me dance? No one.”

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