Liberal Values Hits Landmark

The Liberal Values blog has has reached sort of a landmark today. Technorati now shows that we have 100 different sites linking to us:

Rank: 30,677 (1,767 links from 100 blogs) What do these numbers mean?

Technorati rankings are considerably related to age of blog as the longer you are around the longer you can pick up links from other. New blogs start with a ranking of around two million and move up as they receive links from others. (Actually we reached 100 links earlier but some of our links come from blogs out of the blogosphere’s mainstream and aren’t tracked by Tecnorati.) Although we’ve only been around since August, Liberal Values has growing rapidly, receiving links from some major blogs, many smaller blogs which add up to considerable traffic from the “long tail” which exceeds the readership of the “A list” blogs, and sites such as The New York Times Empire Zone, The Daou Report, Cursor and Memeorandum which have helped to promote interest.

I would like to thank our readers for their support of this blog, and hope that the interest in this blog is one sign of good things happening tomorrow!

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    kj says:


    As you are aware, I am an ace-idiot when it comes to understanding anything about Technorati. All I know is I am happy when a writer whose work I value and admire reaches a wide(er) audience.

    I think the subjects you chose to blog about are becoming more prevalent (and relevant) to our culture at large. No matter what happens tomorrow (November 7, 2006), this country IS undergoing a sea change in attitudes, awareness and choice. The blogs I read here do an excellent job of touching on those issues and the various avenues where they’re expressed.

    So, Congratulations to Liberal Values!
    Sending virtual balloons. 😉

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