Studio 60 Reportedly To Be Cancelled

Fox News is reporting that Studio 60 is to be cancelled. I’m awaiting confirmation from a more credible source but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true. I’m sure the conservative media will claim that this is a rejection of a show with a liberal bias which has mocked the religious right. The truth is that this is another example of how difficult it is for well written, quality shows to survive on network television.

Update: It’s old news by now, but this post keeps getting search engine hits from people asking about the cancellation of Studio 60. Since this original post, NBC did order a full season of the show. More on Studio 60.

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    Carolynn says:

    As a libertarian “conservative” I originally REALLY liked Studio 60–despite the obvious liberal leanings of the writers it was witty and well written. However, it is becoming a bit too “preachy” and I’m getting really annoyed.

    Its not even the gay marriage sublot, but little things that get mentioned off hand that I’m supposed to take for granted, like when Jordan wishes that all journalists had to go to college and get licences before they should be allowed to write for newspapers. It was a weird comment and so WRONG to me — journalists should be allowed to be journalists because they write well and truthfully, not due to sanctioning by the state. And quite frankly, my 6th grade education grandfather could write a lot better than the college graduates I encounter lately.

    Anyway, if the show continues down this path I will get disenchanted and they’ll loose me.

    Note to Sorkin – not all “conservatives” are homophobic, non-evolution believing, or illiterate.

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    Ron Chusid says:


    I hope you stuck around to see the other posts here on Studio 60, including those which report the show has been picked up for the full season as well as discussion of the show. (Either do a search for Studio 60 in our search box or click the Television category).

    I missed that comment you attribute to Jordan, but if she said it I agree it was wierd. What was the context. I wonder if it was an off the wall reaction to some of the coverage of her personal life, or from the conservative media’s covarage of Studio 60.

    As for your note to Sorkin at the end, even he does acknowledge this. He both puts out the stereotypes you mention at times, and then comes up with shows like the last two parter where he attacks the very views he typically presents. I also think he plans to use Harriet Hayes in a manner similar to how he used Arnold Vinick on The West Wing to show exceptions to these stereotypes.

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