The Party of Fiscal Responsibility

This graph demonstrates which party has really been the party of fiscal responsibility in recent years. Despite the Republican claims of “tax and spend” Democrats, if your goal is lower taxes long term, as well as to prevent erosion of your savings due to inflation, stay away from those Republicans. Their irresponsible spending can only lead to either higher taxes down the road or worse disasters.

Update: I’m not sure why someone would link to this post in 2009, especially since the graph is no longer available. As there is suddenly some traffic to this old post in March, 2009 I’ll point out two more recent posts on the topic:

A Historian Looks At Republican Support For BigGovernment
The Party of Big Government

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  1. 1
    Nick says:


    I was still only a kid when Carter got tossed out in 1980, so my comments should be kept in that perspective

    I never understood why the GOP got the tag for being the fiscally responsible party. Even before Reagan ran up larger deficits that all 39 of his predecessors combined, the fact remains that except for FDR, Democrats ran surpluses (or in the case of JFK and Carter, awfully darn close) during their administrations. As for FDR, I may not like deficits, but if the choice is running deficits or not overcoming the Great Depression (or not winning WWII) I’ll take the deficits behind door number 1. It’s OK Franklin, your forgiven for running up deficits.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    “I never understood why the GOP got the tag for being the fiscally responsible party.”

    Same reason they got the tags as supporting freedom, free enterprise, moral values, and the tag as the party which keeps us safe from terrorism. They know how to grab the tags they want and spread the message, even if it is all fantasy.

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