Rush Limbaugh’s Attack on Michael J. Fox

It’s bad enough that Republicans seek to deny people with diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease the potential benefits which could be obtained if not for the restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. It gets worse when the Republicans are deceitful about the science in order to justify their positions. It appears that when all else fails, they are not even above denying the seriousness of the disease, such as when Rush Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of exaggerating his symptoms for dramatic effect. (Audio and video reports at Crooks and Liars).

I don’t know if Limbaugh has ever seen anyone with Parkinson’s, but I have many times. There’s no need for them to act or exaggerate symptoms. Parkinson’s Disease is a nasty disorder. We should be doing everything possible to cure it, not playing politics as the Republicans are.

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    Chris Boone says:

    I am a moderate myself…(hate these extreme conservatives AND liberals who won’t listen to other ideas)…I am in my 50s and starting to feel some shakes, etc. similar to Parkinson’s. I am able to keep it under control via meds (Xanax) and it may be due to nerve damage rather than the onset of Parkinson’s but if I am not on medication and under heavy stress, I cannot rest as my body starts convulsing and even to drive gets close to impossible (which scares me) so I KNOW how bad the shakes can be and affect motor skills, etc. I have had good friends (one a former employer and mentor) who suffer(ed) from this crippling disease. I feel for them and pray there will be something positive in working toward a cure for this. Limbaugh’s comments just show how disconnected he is from the real world (oh wait, he took all those pain killers and then tried to hide the fact he was becoming addicted to them…yes, do as I say (and not admit), not as I do!). There is nothing liberal or wrong about wanting to defeat such diseases…if there is a way to use stem cells in an ethical manner which advances research and possible cures, I am all for it. I am sure those also in favor of such are not out to kill fetuses to get stem cells. In fact recent techniques have made extraction of stem cells from LIVING bodies possible with no harm to the donor. Let us all pray that a cure to this and all other horrible diseases can be found via these promising techniques…close minded people like Limbaugh excepted. 

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