Dick Morris on the (Mis)informed Republican Base

Dick Morris says the best way for Republicans to win is to scare the voters silly. He sees the solution as mobilizing the Republican base (emphasis mine):

the GOP base is the best informed group of voters in the nation, with educational levels consistently higher than their Democratic counterparts’. They follow politics closely and are the easiest voters to reach via the news media, cable TV and talk radio.

Best informed group? Perhaps what he means is most easily manipulated group. These are the people who fell for the lies (still repeated by some) that Saddam threatened us with WMD and had ties to al Qaeda. These are the people who ignoredd the historical record and believed the transparent lies from paid political operatives about John Kerry’s Vietnam record. These are the people who voted for George Bush in 2004 after a campaign based upon misrepresenting Kerry’s position on the issues as opposed to responding to Kerry’s real positions, realizing that a majority of voters would agree with Kerry’s actual positions if they got a chance to hear them. These are the people who listen to a druggie like Rush Limbaugh claim moral superiority over the Democrats as they write off the Foley scandal as a plot hatched by George Soros.

These are the people who believe that Republicans support freedom while they impose ever greater restrictions on the private lives of individuals. These are the people who believe that Democrats are anti-business socialists while Republicans stand for capitalism when Republicans use the power of the state to transfer wealth to the ultra-wealthy and the large corporations which contribute to them in a manner which would make Adam Smith roll over in his grave. These are the people who believe Democrats would be weaker than Republicans on national security while it was under Democrats that deaths from terrorism were minimized and North Korea was prevented from developing the bomb.

Dick Morris does have a specific recommendation in his column but rather than depending upon the GOP base being informed he assumes that they will fall for the usual Republican misrepresentations. He hopes voters will fall for the false claims that Democrats oppose wiretaps of terrorists, when in reality the issue is one of having the Bush administration obey the law, as expected in a Constitutional republic, when wiretaps are necessary:

Here’s one possible ad: We see and hear a wiretapped conversation, with a terrorist revealing his worst plans to his associate – and, inadvertently, to government eavesdroppers, too. Then, when he’s about to spill the beans on when and where the next attack is going to come, the line should go dead, with a dial tone, with a machine voice saying “This wiretap terminated in the name of privacy rights by the Democratic U.S. Congress.”

Dick Morris inadvertently shows why the Republicans are likely to lose. They’ve won in recent elections by spreading their lies, but sooner or later reality had to catch up with them.

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    Daniel DiRito says:

    If you’re interested in viewing a tongue-in-cheek version of the RNC’s new video, “These are the Stakes”, I’ve posted a video called “These are the Stingrays” that does a good job of poking fun at the GOP scare tactics…link here:


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