Stephen Hawking To Explain Origin of Universe on Big Screen

Stephen Hawking is to appear as himself in the movie Beyond the Horizon:

PROFESSOR Stephen Hawking, Britain’s world-renowned physicist, is to switch from theories of multidimensional space to the three dimensions of the Imax cinema by starring in a film that sets out his ideas on the origins and fate of the universe.

The film, Beyond the Horizon, will tackle some of the most daunting theories espoused by Hawking and other cosmologists, from the idea that space has up to 11 dimensions to the cause of the big bang itself.

The project is certain to boost Hawking’s public status. He will take the starring role and narrate a soundtrack explaining cosmological concepts as they are brought to life by advanced computer graphics.

His aim is to popularise science, but for many the appeal could also lie in the ability of an Imax 3D film to make Hawking and his wheelchair appear to come right out of the screen into the audience. 

Acting is not totally new to Hawking who previously made a guest apperance on Star Trek: The Next Generation (photos above). The Times of London reports that “Leonard Mlodinow, a physicist and former scriptwriter on Star Trek, is working with Hawking on the film project.” I wonder if this movie was developed as a consequence of Hawking appearing on Star Trek.

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