Moonbat Chopra Strikes Again With Ignorant Attacks on Science

Skeptico notes that “Deepak Chopra has an endless supply of meaningless drivel to churn out when anyone gives him a forum.” After totally humiliating himself last year when he gave a new age spin to creationist objections to evolution I thought he might have given up posting such anti-scientific nonsense. It appears there is just too much meaningless drivel in his head to be contained any longer.

Last week Chopa again revealed how ignorant he is of basic biology at Huffington Post in The Trouble With Genes. Pharyngula exposes all the fallacies after introducing the post:

Chopra is a doctor, supposedly, but every time I read something by him that touches on biology, he sounds as ignorant as your average creationist. He also writes incredibly poorly, bumbling his way forward with a succession of unlikely and indefensible claims. This latest article is one in which I think he’s trying to criticize the very idea of genes, but it’s more like he’s criticizing his own lack of knowledge.

Some people are just too dumb to quit when they are behind. Chopra is back with The Trouble With Genes, Part II. Respectful Insolence does a find job of responding to this one.

With all the problems we face, from attempts to block the teaching of evolution to the restrictions on abortion rights to the limitations on stem cell research due to the impact of the religious right on conservatives we do not need major liberal blogs such as Huffington Post posting Chopra’s type of ignorant attacks on science. A recent interview in Salon with Skeptics Society founder Michael Shermer noted the similarities between the religious right and liberals who believe in astrology or “the Deepak Chopra school. He says, I don’t believe that Christian conservative stuff, but the universe is intelligent, it’s alive, it knows we’re here. What? You’re goofier than the Christians!”

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    mbk says:

    Reason has not been fashionable lately, for sure. Oh, for the Age of the Enlightenment. . or just some light.

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