Branding the Opponent

Abnormal Interests uses marketing principles to comment on a discussion between Dispatches from the Culture Wars and Archy on labels each side uses in the evolution vs. creationism debate:

What the creationist marketers are doing is attempting to brand themselves as scientists (who never do science) and to brand scientists as dogmatists (who seldom do marketing). When I use the word “creationists” with regard to the Discovery Institute, for example, I am attempting to brand them with a name I find more in keeping with my view of their positions. I do it consciously and with full knowledge that they would prefer that none of us use that word with regard to them.

Creationist is a good term for these people, but if we are to look at this from a marketing perspective we must also keep in mind the fact that the average person likes short, snappy terms.

In that spirit, I suggest rather than creationist we just shorten it to cretin. Short, snappy, and accurate.

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