Granholm Demolishes DeVos in Second Debate

It is a shame that most people in Michigan are watching the Detroit Tigers in the baseball playoffs than watching the second Granholm vs. DeVos debate as Granholm demolished DeVos. Once again DeVos avoided any specifics, while Granholm showed she had plans (even if four years wasn’t enough time to turn around the economy, especially when dealing with a Republican legislature and Republican national government). We also saw another flip flop from DeVos. In the first debate he tried to hide his opposition to embryonic stem cell research by hoping viewers didn’t realize the important distinction between embryonic and adult stem cells. This time he went even further in trying to hide his record in opposition to abortion rights.

Besides losing on the issues, DeVos lost what might be the more important test with most voters–how the candidates look with the sound turned off. DeVoss typically looked away from the camera when answering questions and had a deer in headlights look, while Granholm looked confident answering the questions while looking directly into the camera. Seeing how DeVos looked, I had the feeling he realizes his shot at politics (and using the Governor’s position as a stepping stone to the White House) is already dead.

The Michigan Democratic Party also has an ad out this week which shows how Dick DeVos is George Bush’s twin. Video here.

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    devos makes my skin crawl

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