John Kerry’s Blog is Back Up

It was a sad moment when the Kerry blog shut down on election night in 2004. It is finally back up here. The opening post from John Kerry is primarily concerned with the 2006 Congressional elections, but there is a message for bloggers:

Right here, I’ll keep you posted about where I’m going, and what’s happening with the candidates I’m supporting. We’ve got a staffer traveling with me who will be bringing you the sites and sounds of all the campaigns and candidates we touch.

And a special welcome to everyone who participated on the blog of my presidential campaign. That’s where I first saw the power of blogging, and both Teresa and I learned a great deal from your comments and suggestions. We haven’t lost track of you – we’re still learning – and we’ll be inviting you to provide your own guest commentary about the fight were engaged in.

I know how fast blogs are altering the political media landscape. As I travel, I am reaching out to all of the bloggers who’re creating a whole new form of political media by providing the detailed coverage of state and local races that you often can’t get anywhere else. And a special thank you to those bloggers who’ve pitched in and used their blogs to raise the money. Our candidates need every single penny to fight back against the Republican slime attacks. That’s the only way we can change course in Iraq, start doing something about global warming and energy independence, get everybody health care, make America fair again, and clean out the stables in Washington.

Cool Things To Do: Air America on a Palm

One disadvantage of listening to Air America in a city without a local station is being tied to somewhere with a computer. I’ve considered getting XM satellite radio to pick it up, but others have told me that reception is poor inside. This morning I came up with a partial solution.

I’m now listening to Air America on a Palm T|X PDA, which has both a small external speaker as well as ear phone inputs. To do this I’m using Pocket Tunes software, and using the built in web browser to go to Shoutcast. Besides Air America, many other stations are available including NPR and a wide variety of music.

This set up has one major drawback in only working where WiFi is available, but I can use it at home, at my office, and a growing number of places which offer WiFi. At least I can now listen with a pocket sized device.

Is Audrey Hepburn Campaigning for John Kerry?

Natalie Portman appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar wearing Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While this picture is more glamorous, in the spirit of the previous post I still like this picture of Portman:

Natalie Portman GMA
If Natalie Portman is being called the new Audrey Hepburn, by transitivity could we say that (besides doing Gap commercials) Audrey Hepburn is campaigning for John Kerry?

Boston Globe Looks at Talk of Another Kerry Run

The Boston Globe looks at the possibility of Kerry running for President again in 2008. Some Washington insiders are skeptical, but Kerry realizes these are the same people who said he could not win the nomination in 2004:

The skepticism inside the Beltway doesn’t faze him, Kerry said. “The Washington thing was the same the last time. The conventional wisdom consistently proves itself wrong,” he said. “If I decide to run, it will be because I believe I can win.”

Ronald Rosenblith , who has been in every political battle of Kerry’s career, added, “He could have folded up after he lost and said `I had a good run at it.’ But it’s the passion about the issues that drives him, and, if on Nov. 8, he feels as passionately as he does today . . . he’ll need to go at [the presidency] again.”

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