Kerry Stands Up to Swift Boating of Patrick Murphy

During his interview with Bill Maher on Friday night (video), John Kerry made it clear he would not stand for further Swift Boating. He is not only applying that to himself, but to other Democrats. Taylor Marsh (at Patriot Project and Huffington Post) quotes from an attack by Mike Fitzpatrick on Patrick Murphy for his sevice in Iraq:

“It just seems to me that Patrick Murphy, from what I understand, was not a front-line fighter. That is how it seems to me his service has been characterized. It’s honorable, but it seems to me that you have front line guys and rear guard guys. You’ve got rear-guard guys and front line guys. You’ve got front line guys here. It just seems to me that Patrick Murphy wasn’t one of them.”

Kerry’s response:

I won’t stand for the ‘swift boating’ of Patrick Murphy. It disgusts me that a congressman who has never worn the uniform of our country stands there in silence as a veteran home from Iraq has his service disparaged.

No one who has ever served would tolerate this kind of slander about a fellow veteran. In 2000, George Bush stood in silence while John McCain’s service was questioned. It was wrong then, it is wrong now for Mike Fitzpatrick to engage in the same double-speak. What is it these Republicans who never served have against Democrats who did?

“I have news for Mike Fitzpatrick. In war, bullets don’t differentiate between lawyers and medics, enlisted men and officers.

“You know why Mike Fitzpatrick is engaged in the lowest form of smear and fear politics? Because he’s afraid of actually debating Patrick Murphy about the disastrous war in Iraq. He’s afraid to debate a veteran who lives and breathes the concerns of our troops, not the empty slogans of an Administration that sent our brave troops to war without body armor. He’s terrified of actually leveling with the American people about the way the administration misled America into war, and admitting their stay the course slogans just guarantee more Americans die for a stand still and lose strategy. Mike Fitzpatrick should finally find the courage to debate the real issue instead of cowardly having his surrogates try to destroy anyone who speaks truth to power. It’s unacceptable to do this to any leader of any party anywhere in our country.”

Kerry has certainly learned from the 2004 campaign, and will be a much stronger candidate if he runs again in 2008.

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    mbk says:

    a fine statement, and I’m glad it’s getting the attention it deserves. I am so sick of these chickenhawks. . Take a look at Fitzpatrick’s website. . just dripping with flags. . when will people finally learn that patriotism and flag-waving are not synonymous?

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    kj says:

    Uplifting, True Story:

    Setting: Although we’re still in Ashcroft Country, this Rural Red isn’t quite as rural or red as the place we last hung our hat.

    So, as per usual, when headed to the grocery store, I wore one of my Kerry/Edwards or Boston Convention tees. Just because. @;-) Driving into the lot, I happened behind a minivan with a Kerry sticker I’d not seen before.

    “Rednecks for Kerry: Real People Need Real Jobs!”

    I followed the van and parked next to it. Got out of the jeep, knocked on the window, and had a rousing conversation with the 60ish couple inside the van.

    We talked about Kerry. We talked about the 2000 & 2004 selections. We talked about the 2006 election. We talked about the 2008 election. We talked about Diebold. We talked about the tortue bill. (And the folly of leaving the defination of what tortue is up to Mr. Bush.) We talked about taking the pulse of the country this coming November. And we talked about our efforts to put McCaskill in the Senate.

    It was a good talk.

    I went into the store. I came out of the store. I walked to my jeep.

    I walked behind a truck with a battered Kerry/Edwards sticker. I walked up to the truck, knocked on the window, and told the man inside that I liked his bumper sticker. He said, “Oh yeah, my wife just couldn’t bring herself to take it off.”

    So we chatted.

    I got in the jeep. As I backed out, the wife of the man in the truck had come out of the store, and he and she were loading the groceries and he was pointing to me. So I stopped, got out, and she and I chatted. She said she would have given anything to have gone to Boston. She said she couldn’t think of anything better than to be a Democrat and go to Boston and hear John Kerry and Ted Kennedy speak. I told her it was an event of a lifetime. I told her I loved that she still had her sticker on her car. She smiled.

    This is a true story of a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon in a parking lot in semi-Rural Red.

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