Wall Street Journal Shows Fall in Support for Bush and Republicans

The Republicans appeared to be developing some momentum going into the midterm elections as they campaigned on national security and showed some improvement in the polls. Not surprisingly, recent news has tarnished the image of the Republicans and reversed this trend. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that. “by 41%-18%, Americans say recent news developments have made them less favorable toward continued Republican control of Congress; by 34%-23% they called themselves more favorably inclined toward Democratic control.” Bush’s job approval has also fallen from 42% in their last poll to 39%.

Perhaps the most dramatic change is that a “46% plurality of Americans now believes the war in Iraq is hurting the nation’s ability to win the war against terrorism.” That’s an increase from 32% in the last poll, and suggests that the Republican strategy of running on national security may not work in the midterm elections.

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