Dick DeVos: Candidate of Big Religion, Not Small Government

Dick Devos debates Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm tonight. In some of his pre-debate statements, DeVoss is talking about presenting his vision of “small government.” You are not the candidate of “small government” when you support using the power of government to impose your religious beliefs on others. You are not the candidate of “small government” when you restrict the ability of a woman to control her own body in denying freedom of choice on abortion.

Dick DeVos is the candidate not of “small government” but of “big religion” which are two mutually exclussive positions. This includes his support for a greater role of religion in government, support for teaching creationism in the schools, and supprt for school vouchers.

Update: Granholm DeVos Debate Fact Checking

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    Brad says:

    I have also enjoyed DeVos’ attempts to lower expectations for his performance tonight. His campaign manager is calling Granholm the best debater in the country while downplaying the fact that DeVos headed a company based on picking up followers in the grocery store and getting them to buy into a pyramid scheme (I know, it’s multi-level marketing).

    DeVos is a salesman and the face of a rather large company for years, plus accroding to this enthralling background article, he wa son the debate team in high school and was known for his people skills.


    Although no matter how exceptional his debate skills I’m positive he can’t convince any undecided voters to buy into his support for extreme causes and as you mentioned Ron, intelligent design and vouchers.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    If he can sell people on a scheme like Amway, he is certainly at no disadvantage going into a debate.

    Oh wait, he does have a serious disadvantage–the awful positions he plans to support in the debate.

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    Hector Solon says:

    Please feel free to post our content here. You guys get it. This is a NATIONAL fight going on here in Michigan right (radical far right) now.

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