The Invisible Hand Drops the Ball as Economy Falls to Number 6

To Republicans it is only necessary to follow their economic policies to guarantee success, while those socialistic welfare states in Europe are doomed to failure. Republicans have been in control for several years, so you would think that our economy should be surging ahead.

It appears running up huge deficits and promoting corporate welfare isn’t all that good for the economy after all. The World Economic Forum has published this year’s Global Competitiveness Index, and the United States has fallen from number one to number six


1: Switzerland (4)

2: Finland: (2)

3: Sweden (7)

4: Denmark (3)

5: Singapore (5)

6: United States (1)

7: Japan (10)

8: Germany (6)

9: Netherlands (11)

10: United Kingdom (9)

It will be intereteresting to see how the Repubicans spin falling behind Switzerland, Finland, and Sweden. Most likley they will blame Democrats for forcing them to spend so much money, or simply fall back on blaming Bill Clinton.

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