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“One of the cornerstones of the Republican Party’s strategy for winning elections these days is voter suppression, intentionally putting up barriers between eligible voters and the ballot box.”

New York Times editorial on Republican-backed legislation requiring photo ID to vote. Needless to say, there are many other examples of this beyond the ID requirements.

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    janet says:

    This is what just happened to us. My son was home a couple of weeks ago from college so he voted his primary ballot, signed it and left it for me to mail. Our county has all mail in ballots.

    Yesterday, I get this letter saying my son’s signature doesn’t match what they have on file. He is supposed to go in and re-register to vote. But he is at college and will not be home until Thanksgiving–after the November election. The other option is to mail in an affidavit with proof of identity but there is barely time for me to get it sent to him at college, have him sign in front of witnesses and get it mailed back by next Wed for his ballot to count.

    We had to identify on our ballots Democrat or republican and of course, he marked “Democrat”. I am suspicious.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Other than for a partisan primary, I can’t think of a legitimate reason to have paper ballots marked by party. While obviously some people will cross party lines, knowing the party affiliation gives a pretty good idea of how a ballot is cast.

  3. 3
    janet says:

    There is a huge controversy here about this and in fact, if you do not specify Democrat or republican, your ballot will not count. All of this is a result of legal tangles that are quite complicated to go into here–it is the first time we have had to do this.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    Do you have to stipulate Democrat vs. Republcian or party affiliation. Are third parties, or independent, an option? If they don’t allow third parties as a choice, I would bet that the Greens and Libertarians would be interested in fighting that one.

  5. 5
    janet says:

    Nope–only two choices: complete the little arrow pointing to Democrat or republican.

    My daughter just registered to vote and she is extremely independent. I didn’t even bother to send her her ballot because she told me she would not make such a choice.

  6. 6
    Dave from Princeton says:

    It makes for necessary identification for correct future accidental voting roll purges of legitimate registered voters. The ’06(and ’08) election is fast approaching. The GOP wouldn’t want to really accidentally ever include one of their likely voters in one of their regular pre-election scrubbings.

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