Warner Admits Kerry Was Right on Tax Cuts

Warner now acknowledges that he was wrong in an interview with Hotline in his previous statements on George Bush’s tax cuts:

Ex-VA Gov. Mark Warner (D) wants you to know: he thinks the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans, enacted during an expensive war and with rising federal budget deficits, were “morally wrong and economically wrong” and that he would indeed support their repeal.

What about his criticism of John Kerry? He takes it back:

Warner, in an interview with The Hotline this a.m., clarified his comments Monday in Iowa, which were reported by the Des Moines Register. Warner said he did not mean to suggest that Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) was wrong to urge the repeal of those tax cuts benefiting the richest two percent of taxpayers.

He later said, “The Kerry position was right but [the] concern is, how do you make the case to the American people?” To be fair to Warner, he does have one valid point when discusses how the case is made to the American people. “Sometimes, said Warner, Democrats “appear as anti ‘people-being-successful.” It is a valid concern that Democrats need to do a better job of dispelling the Republican claims that Democrats are opposed to the interests of the successful and wealthy. There are many ways to do this other than pretending that we can continue the Voodoo Economics of the Bush Administration.
What is needed is to sell the taxes to those paying more based upon the value received both individually and to society. What most people in my position don’t think about is that we wouldn’t be in a position to be making enough to be taxed more in the first place if we didn’t have this infrastructure. Taxes are needed to maintain this, and maintain our ability to make money.

Tax money is needed if we want to solve problems like the health care crisis. Even for myself, receiving a large part of my medical expenses through professional courtesy, health care expenses are a pain. Obviously it is a far worse problem for others, but even those of us who would be hit by Kerry’s proposal for eliminating the Bush tax cuts on incomes over $200,000 would benefit from his plan.

Another argument which would resonate with the affluent is the manner in which value of retirement plans are eroded by inflation due to the size of the deficit.

There are many ways to attract the affluent, but you can’t avoid the truth out of fear of alienating them either. We already have Republicans for those who believe in Voodoo Economics and think we can spend whatever they want, while cutting taxes, without ultimately paying a price.

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