Number of Uninsured Rises Again

American Medical News reports that the number of uninsured has climbed to 46.6 million, up 1.3 million last year primarily due to the loss of employer-based coverage. Those who are insured are also finding that their benefits have decreased. The number of uninsured has steadily increased under George Bush, up from 41.2 million in 2001.

Many of the uninsured are working but make too little to handle medical expenses. Of the 37.8 million of working age people who lacked insurance in 2005, 27.3 million worked at some time during the year. Looking at household income, 24.4% of the uninsured make less than $25,000 and 20.6% make $25,000 to $49,999. Children account for 11.2% of the uninsured.

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    kj says:

    You can count JBK and me in the number of uninsured!

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