What It’s Worth–In Monopoly Money

Every wonder what a property would be worth if you wanted to buy it with Monopoly money? Probably not, but it is still fun to look at the new version of Monopoly Here and Now. The web site allows you to play a demo, or just look around.

The Monopoly board starts with the poorer properties, in this case with Jacobs Field in Cleveland, worth 600,000. Income taxes are one area in which the game was not updated, witih a flat 10% tax. Disney World falls just past one-half way around the board, costing $2,400,000. As you enter the green properties in the final stretch, The White House costs $3,200,000. Park Place and Boardwalk are replaced by Fenway Park ($3,500,000) and the most costly real estate at Times Square ($4,000,000). Build a hotel on Times Square and you can charge a rent of $20,000,000.

Should you find yourself low on cash, you can print some out here.

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