Al Gore on The Assault on Reason

Al Gore’s next book is coming out next May, and The Washington Post sees it as possibly being the next step in his plans to run in 2008. The title of the book, The Assault on Reason,  certainly appears topical:

As described by editor Scott Moyers, the book is a meditation on how “the public arena has grown more hostile to reason,” and how solving problems such as global warming is impeded by a political culture with a pervasive “unwillingness to let facts drive decisions.”

While that may sound abstract, both the subject matter and the timing of the release have an unmistakable subtext. In 2004, Gore cheered liberals when he lashed at President Bush for allegedly falling captive to right-wing special interests and taking flight from “fact-based analysis.” If the book strikes a chord, it will produce new momentum for Gore to make another bid for the White House, presumably fueled in large part by anti-Iraq-war Democrats.

Gore has frequently said he does not plan to run, but has always left the door open. The topic, which leaves plenty of room to discuss issues which are likely to be on people’s minds as they look towards 2008. This might be a move towards running, or it just might be the obvious next book from someone who has decided to be a writer as opposed to a politician. Sometimes a book is just a book.

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